The Features of WordPress and the Steps To Build a Standalone Site!

WordPress has its own server, domain name and program, completely independent operation by the seller, not subject to the restrictions of any platform, the seller has absolute autonomy over the management of the site.

WordPress website building

1、Characteristics of WordPress

Independent station sellers autonomy is strong, conducive to building a brand, not subject to the rules of the platform restrictions. Brand precipitation and consumer maintenance is conducive to later repurchase, improve product premiums, thereby reducing traffic costs and improving profitability.

2、WordPress construction cost

The cost of the independent station mainly includes the preliminary server costs, the purchase of domain name costs, the cost of building the station and the later marketing costs. The cost of building a website is relatively large in the preliminary cost, the price of building a website is closely related to the quality and visual effect of the website, “a penny for every price”, the price of a good independent website is certainly not low.

3、Steps to build a website

1) Purchase domain name and space

Before setting up an independent website, you need to purchase your own domain name. The shorter the domain name the better, preferably related to the brand and the company’s business, so that consumers can easily remember it.

Space is the place used to store your website. Just like you need to rent a shop to open a shop, a website also needs a place to be stored. Independent websites are mainly for overseas customers, so when buying server space it is best to choose one that is overseas and close to your target customers.

2) Choose a website building tool

You can choose to build a website with a WordPress open source website builder or a SaaS website builder. If you are more familiar with WordPress website building, then you can choose to build your own website. On the one hand, you can save a large amount of money on website building, on the other hand, if there is any problem with the website, you can deal with it directly by yourself, which is more convenient.

When you choose to build an independent station with WordPress, it is recommended to use WordPress dedicated hosting.

3) Set up payment methods

Depending on the target customer market and other factors, choose a suitable payment method such as PayPal, Stripe, Payonner, etc. to allow consumers to complete online transactions.

4) Products and shops

Shop decoration is very important in setting up an independent website. Beautiful product images and web pages can attract consumers to stay on the site, bringing higher views and conversions, thus increasing the success rate of transactions.

4、Promotion to attract traffic

Independent station traffic is divided into natural traffic, direct traffic and paid traffic. Natural traffic is through the natural search to find the site to enter the site to browse; direct traffic is a direct search site name or click on the website link on the social platform; paid traffic refers to the traffic through advertising and other means to obtain traffic, the best effect, but also the highest cost.

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