WordPress Dedicated Web Hosting Shopping Guide!

In recent years, the cross-border e-commerce industry has developed rapidly and many users have chosen to open shops on cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. These platforms have many and complex rules, and some sellers have had their shops blocked due to violations of the rules; some other users have had their shops blocked inexplicably, bringing huge losses.

WordPress is an open source website builder that allows you to quickly build your own standalone website without the need for code.

WordPress + WooCommerce is a common way to build independent websites for cross-border e-commerce.

Hosting is an essential part of website building and online operation, the security and stability of the host is very important for the normal operation and promotion of the website.


So how do you choose a high quality host for your indie site? You can consider the following aspects.

Responsiveness and performance of the host
The host’s responsiveness and performance are the first factors to consider when buying an independent website host. The stability of an independent website will affect the number of online visits to the website, as well as the speed of access to the website.

The access speed of an independent website is closely related to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is crucial to user experience, brand promotion and business development.

Therefore, when choosing a host, carefully study the resources provided in the hoster’s package, such as bandwidth, SSD hard disk space and access limits. The package description of the hosting provider will also give you an idea of what technologies they offer to speed up the hosting and to ensure website security.

Hosting security and stability
No one would want their website to be down all the time, but the internet is full of hackers, viruses and malware and many other unknown threats. A secure and stable host will allow you to have no worries and no need to worry about your website being hacked all day long.

What we need to keep in mind is that the website is only the foundation of an independent website, the operation is the part that can bring in revenue for the independent website. Therefore, in terms of time allocation, more time should be allocated to the promotion of independent website operations, rather than spending valuable time on website maintenance. At this point, it is particularly important to choose a secure and reliable hosting provider.

Ease of use of the host’s operating panel
You can’t tell how easy it is to use the operating panel of a host just by looking at the package description of the host. You will need to get your hands on the operating panel to see how easy it is to use.

Some hosts offer a free trial, so if it’s free, take a little time to try it out and see if the operating panel is suitable for you.

Price of the mainframe
Price is a priority for many people when shopping for a product. As mentioned earlier, a website is only the foundation of an independent website. In order to promote the operation and profitability of an independent site, a host that provides all-round protection for the site is essential, and such hosts, more often than not, are not cheap.

While cost is something that must be controlled for newbies to independent websites, money should be spent on the edge, and don’t give up performance because of price.

When shopping for an independent website host, your priority needs to be whether this host can guarantee the speed of access to your website, the stability of your website, and the security of your data and user information, all of which are far more important when shopping for a host than the price of the host.

Of course, in the case of host performance are similar, you can simply choose the lowest price host.

Customer Service / Technical Support
Some people will find customer service annoying and full of questions. However, consulting customer service is the fastest way for you to get to know an unfamiliar host. Moreover, from your consultation, you can learn about all aspects of the host’s performance and see how responsive and professional the host’s customer service is.

Can you guarantee that the host you choose will never have problems? Probably not.

In the event of a hosting problem, a responsive and professional customer service or technical support staff can help you locate the problem and solve it quickly, reducing the likelihood of losing users due to website problems.

When buying an independent website host, price is not the primary factor to consider, the performance of the host is the most important.

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